Considering Our Sin

This last weekend, I came down from an incredible retreat in the mountains that focused on community and the overlapping of heaven and earth. I consider it a monumental time for our church as we move towards being missional in the world and how this requires us to deal with our sense of health in the interior of our community. God is at work in us.

When I returned, I was confronted with the terrible sin of not the world but the church. I started to hear about the often spoken of Evangelical Ted Haggard and all sorts of allegations on Sunday night of sexual immorality. I then read further on Monday about what had happened over the weekend. The entire episode makes me have compassion on Ted’s family, the community of New Life Church, and even Ted himself as I think about the words of Jesus in Matthew 7. I am driven to seek humility.

Through Jesus’ words, I see that I need to seek compassion and humility in my own life. I must not forget that followers of Jesus Christ are all saints struggling with sin. Humility brings me to my knees and allows me to see myself for who I am and remember that God is still working in and on my own character. I am a work in progress just like Ted. We both need the grace and mercy of God.



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