A Blogging Daddy

Blogging has become a unique way for me to express thoughts and (I hope) coherently write about certain topics that I face on a regular basis. Especially topics that relate to God, culture and the Church.

I have a friend, Wes, that seems to have more time and energy than me because he ends up blogging much more frequently than I can imagine; he’s also been at it a lot longer than I have. I realize its not a competition to blog more than your closest friends but I want to try this blog thing on for awhile and see how it fits. So, I will try to blog on a regular basis but I am a husband and a dad and these roles take significant time and energy.

So when I have the chance, I will catch up by writing about current events and how I see God interacting in this incredible world of ours.

Until the next time I blog,


About Josh

Connector I Strategic Thinker I Teacher. Pursing opportunities that use my skills and experience.

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