Life as a Dad

So I haven’t blogged in awhile and it is time that I try on this silent night…my wife is gone to a high school retreat and my son is fast asleep.

About a month ago, I heard a story about an acquaintance who got up out of bed in the morning to do what he always did in the morning…go to the bathroom. As he was sitting there minding his own business, his daughter, who is a little older than my son, barged through the door with a facial expression that I can only imagine. He soon realized that he had been barfed on by his daughter and there was nothing he could do. When I heard this story, I was chuckling like a middle schooler about any barf story and then thought to myself, “I hope that never happens to me.”

In the last week, I have experienced my greatest fear…my son was sick and I experienced again and again the process of laundry. Now, I share this story because I am a Dad before many of my other roles in life. It is one of the roles that is precious for me like being a husband and loving my wife. This is a picture of my as a Dad and to be truthful, I wouldn’t trade this role for any other. It is a priceless role.

These are the stories of my life that I get to share with others. I hope you get a pubescent chuckle out of this story.



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