Last night I was talking with a friend on my cell phone that is serving as a pastor in the Southeast… well East of here. I called to congratulate him on his Indianapolis Colts winning the Super Bowl. He was telling me how difficult it has been for his family to transition from the West Coast to the Southeast.

As we continued to talk, I was standing in line buying ice cream for my wife and waiting behind an older man who was purchasing ice cream and fumbling with his various cards. First, his grocery store card and then his payment card…the computer was difficult for him and he needed help. After a few seconds, with one hand, because my other hand was occupied with my cell phone, I tried to help him by sliding his cards through the slot. His payment card wouldn’t swipe properly and the manager came over to see what was going on as the line backed up.

As this took place, I hung up the phone with my friend and told him that I would call back later. As the manager told the man that his credit card wouldn’t work, I acted. I took my credit card out of my wallet and offered to pay for this man’s ice cream. At first, he refused but then he looked in shock as I slid my card through the computer. I simply told him that this was my gift to him. He was very grateful and people were shocked that someone would pay for someone elses groceries. To me, it seemed so simple.

I was at the right place in the right time. God gave me an opportunity to be generous with this man and give him a gift, a note of grace in a world that is shocked by it. I also realized through this moment in combination with my conversation with my friend that I am in the right place at the right time. God has given me an opportunity to serve God and his Kingdom purposes in San Diego County. This is my opportunity to serve with my life. As I look and hear what is going on around me, I hope that I see how God is preparing the time and place for me to step in.



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