Eat This Book

My mind has been consumed with this little phrase the last few weeks as I read a book with this title by Eugene Peterson (Yes, CNP’s I will have it finished and digested by the time I see you in Portland). What an incredible read! I was reading another book when I started this and had them both going but I decided to put the other book down as this book captivated my imagination.

This little phrase is pulsating through my mind as I try to digest the power of God’s book and allow him to shape me as a human, a man, a Christian, a husband, a father and a pastor. How does the Bible shake me to its core and transform me to be a new being. This is what Peterson is writing about and I hope to digest it further in the next week or two.

Last week, I found myself thinking about this phrase from Isaiah and Revelation as I also was reflecting on high school students from our faith community that will soon be graduating and moving onto college. I find myself concerned that they have no idea where to begin when it comes to God’s book and how God desires to shape us through it. I am concerned about students who don’t know this book that God speaks through. How do we challenge them to eat this book as we are challenged to do the same?

I long to eat this book as Peterson puts it. Until next time…


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