what we will do for our kids

There are times in life when I must chuckle about the circumstances that I choose to live in. It is 5 am in the morning on a beautifully dark day and I am sitting with 5 other perfectly quiet people on a sidewalk.

See, after a long, long day of work, I set my alarm for 3:30 am, which by the way didn’t go off because I rolled over 3 minutes before to see that it was time to get up from my short nap. I needed to get up and sit on this sidewalk before 7 am so that our 2 year old son can go to preschool next year…I am in line to turn in his application. By the time I arrived this morning, there were 4 others already in front of me – reading or sleeping. One guy looks as is he slept here all night as he has his whole camping gear set up.

I wonder at times why we do this to ourselves. Why we are willing to camp out for our kids so they can go to preschool. Isn’t this bizarre?


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