My compassionate wife found this video on one of our friend’s blogs. Take a look…

When we were at Fuller Seminary, we experienced something we had never experienced before…a 100 day birthday. In Korean culture it is customary to not bring a baby out of the house until their 100 day birthday. While this may or may not be the case for Korean families…to us, we felt a sense of detachment for these children. They are not exposed to the beauty of this world that God created or the sense of a loving community or people to surround their family. After having 2 boys and immediately inviting community inot our family, I can’t imagine not including our community in the process of loving our children.

But this couple in “99 Balloons” did not let their son’s health condition stand between them and loving him as much as they did. As I reflect on the experience of this family, I am reminded of an experience five years ago when we miscarried a child after just 13 weeks. Within a time frame of a few weeks, I had begun to love that child more than I knew and it was very difficult to let go of that child when he died. Then again, I am reminded of how God gives and takes away life through our experience of losing a child just at this video describes at the end.


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