the myth of a Christian nation

Last year, I bought a book The Myth of A Christian Nation by Greg Boyd and I brought it on a trip to Londrina, Brazil to visit a mission partner. I love Greg and I was planning on reading it while there. The book is based on a six-week sermon series titled “Cross and the Sword” he did with his church in St. Paul, Minnesota. Approximately 1000 people left his church as a result of the viewpoint of this sermon series. He explains in his notes to his book that approximately 700 hundred people left during the sermon series and another 300 left in the fall of 2004 near that time of the election. Boyd is an incredibly gifted speaker and a gutsy (or stupid depending on how you see the situation) pastor.

While in Londrina, Brazil, I found myself in the midst of a conversation with the president of South American Theological Seminary and I discovered that he would enjoy reading this book and would have difficulty finding it, so I gave it to him.

I bought another copy later that year and I just picked it up as I think about our upcoming election. I may write a bit about in the coming weeks…I have only just begun but I thought you might like to wrestle with your view of the church and politics. If you want to see how you approach the interaction of the church with politics, take this quiz. You might just be surprised.


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