from bog wader to drink server

Two visions three years apart.

Three years ago when we moved to San Diego so that I could work on staff with our church, I had a vision prayed over me. It was by a faithful young man in our church and he asked if he could share with me a vision. This was his vision: I was wearing hip waders (the ones you would wear if you were fishing in a body of water) and found myself moving toward the middle of a bog of trash that came up over my knees. The trash got deeper the further I walked toward the middle and the trash was threatening to rise above my hip waders. He said the trash represented the sin and brokenness of the history of our church and the hip waders represented Jesus protecting me from the trash of our past. His prayer for me was that I would trust Jesus and know his protection as I faced the darker and dirtier trash of our history.

There have certainly been times in the last three years where this vision has grown in clarity for me.

Last night, I had another vision prayed over me and it was drastically different than that first. A woman who heard me speak in our evening community gathering came up to me after service and she asked if she could share with me a vision. This was her vision: she saw me in a refreshing location, drinking a mixed drink with a small colorful drink umbrella in it. She explained that the drink represented a refreshing time or season that I was about to enter and she encouraged me to drink up and realize that it will not end. She explained that God wants to refresh me from his abundant resources. She also said in my refreshment, I would become “the fun party guy” in our church…you know, the one who serves the drinks to everyone at the party. What a great picture!

Maybe God is turning a corner for me? (From wading in a bog to serving mixed drinks. I wonder what Jesus will have me mix and who I will serve.)

What sort of visions have you experienced?


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  1. I know where you can find a bear costume to wear while you are serving drinks… 🙂 That will be great!

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