internal tension

This past week, I was in a Doctor of Ministry class called Leading and Managing Your Ministry taught by Leith Anderson, the Senior Pastor of Wooddale Church and the National Association of Evangelicals.

I really appreciated the practicality of this class but one word kept coming up that when I hear it, I have an internal reaction.

When I hear the word organization used in reference to the church, there is something inside of me that shirks. I’m not sure where this emotion comes from but it is internal, it is strong and I can’t control it.

I am torn in two when the church is described this way, not because I don’t think the church should be organized but because this step toward organization moves one step closer to institution. I don’t believe the church is an institution and it definitely is not a building, which I hear in conversations all the time.

Are there words that you find create internal tension for you?

BTW, I would prefer to use the word organism in place of organization; this word is more meaningful for me and I don’t have a guttural response when its said in relation to the church.


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  1. as long as it's an organism with a skeleton, right? :)good to see you this week. a lot of processing to do on the flight home. -andrew

  2. Yes, it would have a skeleton, wouldn't it? I hope the skeleton of the organism isn't exposed.

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