switching blog platforms…

In the process of switching this week…it’s not refined yet. Looking forward to exploring WordPress.


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Connector I Strategic Thinker I Teacher. Pursing opportunities that use my skills and experience.

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  1. Since I am always considering starting a blog of my own, I am curious why you switched. I have done enough research to recognize each blog service has it pros and cons but I am seeking your perspective from having used some of these blog services. I realize in the end it is what works best for me. 😉

    • I’m not an expert on blogs or even writing on my blog. I’d like to learn more, write more and have more options with the platform. Word Press just gave me more options form my perspective than other platforms like blogger. What other platforms are you familiar with?

  2. My apologies for not responding sooner. My computer was having “issues”, and I have had a lot of distractions as of late. I have not personally set up a blog – only considered it for some time. Most of the tools I have looked still required creating an account with any of the more popular blogging sites (e.g. Blogger, WordPress). The Flock browser (www.flock.com) is one in which the blog editor is built into the browser. Firefox has an extension called Scribefire that adds similar functionality as found in Flock. TopTenReviews is a good source for information as they rank and rate just about everything. In fact, they have a 2010 blog review and WordPress was number 1 (http://blog-services-review.toptenreviews.com/). I am not sure if I have answered your question. The long and short of it is I have not really used any of the blogging services although I have checked out Blogger since I already had a gmail account. I recall not being too impressed but some time has passed and I am sure they have improved. I still haven’t determined what I would blog about. lol

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