an atmosphere of grace

This morning I found myself in an unusual place. I was speaking with my beautiful wife in front of a room filled with 100 women at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). I realized going into it that I would be the only man in the room but it is still and odd place to picture myself…I can easily imagine myself in room speaking with 100 men but it is a bit more difficult for me to imagine speaking in front of a room filled with women…maybe in a dream or something?

It was a good opportunity for my wife and I to speak together on the topic of grace in our process of parenting. If you are curious about this baffling idea of grace, I like what the band U2 says about it in their song titled Grace: “What once was hurt, what once was friction, what left a mark, no longer stings…because grace makes beauty out of ugly things. Grace finds beauty in everything.”

As I was thinking about grace, I found myself connecting the dots with a book I am in the middle of called The Age of the Unthinkable by Joshua Cooper Ramo. In it he describes how many of us who live in urban-suburban setting end up thinking and acting like architects or builders but the world we live in calls for cultivators…cultivators of soil, of an environment or an atmosphere. For me, the question is how do we become cultivators of this different soil/environment/atmosphere of grace where our kids develop and mature into loving adults? Any tangible ideas our there?

Ironically, the room of 100 women was an atmosphere of grace…women who are supportive and encouraging as they seek to be better moms for the sake of their kids, their friends’ kids and even grandkids. It found it fun and because it wasn’t one of my dreams, I had my clothes.


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  1. Milo James Fowler

    MOPS? You are a braver man than I.

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