at times life seems like a dessert cart

Yesterday, after a soccer game and a quick visit to a going away BBQ for a friend, my father-in-law, my oldest son and I traveled up to Los Angeles for the Pac-10 championship game at Staples Center. There were so many good stories from our short trip it’s hard to summarize it all here but let me share one story that captures the day.

Through an amazing series of twists and turns, we ended up sitting in a VIP suite in Staples. One of the many benefits was free drinks and free dessert. Early in the first half, the owner of the box tapped us on the shoulder and said there was a dessert cart outside and we could have anything we wanted from it. So, I looked at Brighton and said, “Do you want something?” He looked a little baffled but said yes. I don’t think he knew what he was saying ‘yes’ to. We walked back and through the open door of the suite I saw this exceptionally large cart topped with every dessert you could imagine…cakes, cookies, lemon bars, brownies. If you can imagine it, it was there.

So, there we were standing in front of this cart and I was almost overwhelmed by the amount of sugar. Standing a few feet shorter than me, Brighton looked up at this abnormally large cart and his eyes were almost popping out of his head. One of the hosts looked down at Brighton and said you can have anything you want. Brighton looked up at me to make sure and I reassured him that he could have anything he wanted. I picked him up so he could see all his options and started to explain some of the things he might not have recognized. After a minute, I asked Brighton, “So, what do you want? You can have anything.” He said really quietly, “I want M&M’s.” So after relaying the message to the host, he said, “Plain or peanut?” Without a flinch Brighton replied, “Plain.” So, behind a section of the cart that I had not even seen, I watched the host take out an extra large bag of plain M&M’s and hand them to Brighton.

The smile on his face said it all and it is one of those moments I will remember for a longtime. I was reflecting later in the day about that moment and realized that yesterday with the short trip to LA, the $3 parking lot we found, the VIP tickets that landed in our laps, the short line to enter the arena, the amazing view of the basketball court, the gracious fans around us (who eventually rooted with me for the Huskies) and the Washington Husky victory was like an enormous display of dessert from God. How amazing! I loved every moment of it.

Wish I had a camera to capture the view of the dessert cart.


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