innovation and the church

This video is good news for the church.

In 20 minutes, author, speaker and business thought leader Gary Hamel speaks on innovation and the church. Here are some of his key ideas for churches who desire to become more innovative:

(1) Overcome our natural tendency to deny things that discomfort us.

(2) Generate higher numbers of new strategic options…experiment and fail forward.

(3) Challenge our orthodoxies or dogmas (habits on how we do or are the church).

(4) Think from the outside-in. We are called to work with outsiders as we co-design.

(5) Have a stance or posture to being open to as many people as we can.

(6) To build an organization that is innovative, we need to turn the pyramid (power relationships) upside down. For example, mission shaped communities.

(7) Stay focused on core values. The why of what we do rather than the what and the how.

What do you think about Hamel’s ideas?


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