taking risks in community

Last night I was reflecting with a good friend and my wife on the dynamics of how we grow in the context of community.

On Saturday, my oldest son Brighton and I were at a school riding bikes with a friend of his. When we arrived I noticed that the other boy was already on the playground riding his bike without training wheels. I knew the boy was only a month older than my son and (maybe selfishly) I wanted Brighton to try to ride his bike without his training wheels. But I regretted not bringing  a wrench so I could take them off.

Brighton started to ride and was watching his friend ride. After 5 minutes he rode over and asked if he could take his training wheels off and I told him we could but it would have to wait until next time. I admit I was a bit bummed inside.

After a few more minutes, another Dad came down to the playground with his daughter and her bike. In his hand he was carrying a wrench. After he was finished, I asked if I could use it. I removed the training wheels, lowered the seat and had Brighton measure to see if he could reach the ground with both feet. Brighton sat up on his seat, I made sure we had enough room, I put my hand on the back of his seat and after 10 seconds he was off on his own. It was one of those significant moments I had thought about…teaching my boy to ride a bike. Sure he had some bumps and bruises that day, but he was ready and he was willing to risk because his friend had gone before him.

I was so proud to be present as he rode around proudly on that playground. Here is a video of Brighton riding last week (and me encouraging him):

Are you more likely to take risks and grow when others around you are doing what you haven’t done before?


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  1. O yes, I am much more likely to take a risk if I see somebody else try and succeed. My twin brother, Connor, and I worked like that as we grew up together. I would always take risks and do the long hard work of figuring something out first. Connor would sit back and watch, sometimes for months before doing anything. Then one day he’d jump in and try it and know how to do it right away. It was this way for crawling, talking, walking, swimming, riding a bike, dating, and driving stick!

    In some ways, I think this is what Christ provides for us. Knowing our weak faith, he stepped out and became an example to us of what it looks like to live a life full of the Holy Spirit, and then equipped us with every good gift to make it possible.

  2. Milo James Fowler

    I think there’s definitely a “positive peer pressure” element to it, and we’re wired to thrive as members of one body.

    Cool video! Must have made you a proud papa. =]

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